About Us

The Road Travelled

Longmark Securities was founded in 2015. We are a member of the JSE Stock Exchange and a trading service provider in the equities and equity derivatives markets. At the onset, we always looked to global best practice and trends in global securities services offerings to warrant our relevance.

In addition to trading services, our well-considered value-adding services in research and corporate access, are aimed at:

• Answering questions that matter to investors,
• Helping investors connect the dots,
• Informing investment decisions, and
• Providing actionable insights.


We aspire to be a relevant partner to our clients’ investment process.

Guiding Principles

We respect the integrity and confidentiality of our clients. Our focus is to execute trades in our clients’ best interest. We have a general duty to act honestly, fairly and professionally in order to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. We aim to build our business and reputation on meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with people who share our vision and values of operational excellence.